UAB “Dzūkija“ produces original furniture for churches, other public organisations and private clients. Thanks to our great experience in production of furniture per order and mastering of advanced CNC milling technologies we offer clients in the mass and unitary furniture production business inexpensive, precise and quality CNC milling services. Milling per order can be done using various materials. The most acceptable are wood, plywood, MDP, LMDP, MDF, MPP, plastic sheets. We have great experience and are familiar with quality and accuracy requirements of clients from Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, thus your ordered furniture details will always be produced in time, accurately and qualitatively. We offer fast production of details of office, kitchen, general purpose, and soft furnishings. We drill mill all necessary cuts, holes and apertures for fastening details, various grooves for mounting furniture fittings.

With our great experience and modern design and production technologies we can produce a unitary model of furniture or other products or to create its production technology for furniture producers, designers, architects or artists who create furniture or interior details. Such service is not and cannot be inexpensive, however this is the only way to implement a good and fruitful idea in a real material, real production process and to make its presentation as efficient as possible in front of your business partners or future clients.


UAB “Dzūkija“ provides CNC (computer numerical control) milling services. Our machines are able to process a blank up to 3,15 m in length, 1,25 m in width and 0,08 m in thickness, and if necessary, we can join several parts of maximal size into one product by creating a precise complex junction using the same computer-controlled wood processing centre. In general it is the 3D milling in four axes (directions) X, Y,Z and C. With these digitally controlled machines we are not only able to produce a table, TV stand, commode or other furniture having a complex configuration, but also we can mill various embossed ornaments, images, texts or very precise incrustations of other materials on their surface.

The so called C-axis enables us to carry out these works not only on a horizontal plane, but also on every possible edge of the product. A hundred, thousand, … ten, twenty thousand such tables precisely identical tables can be produced quickly, qualitatively and at a reasonable price, since the milling service we offer is a fast one and eliminates the need of hard manual work. With a help of these technologies it is easy to produce a table, for example, having names of your guests engraved on edges of a tabletop, or to inlay complex stainless steel shapes in it.

We can carry out CNC milling works on panels of natural glued wood, MDF, MDP, LMDP, MPP, plywood, plastics. After special preparation of the machines milling of aluminium sheets is possible. Any details cut out with a laser, plasma or abrasive water stream from the glass, steel or marble using the same DWG or DXF (AutoCad) file format drawing anywhere in the world will fit in into grooves we will make with our equipment in appropriate material.


Production and mounting of staircases and handrails is the primary activity of UAB “Dzūkija”. Success of the activity allowed to install advanced digital design and CNC milling technologies for a faster and more precise production of staircase details. It enabled us to reduce production costs and facilitate staircase mounting. Today we can not only boast of our achievements, but also to share them with others.

We can offer experienced staircase mounters inexpensive, fully completed staircase detail sets “mount it yourself” after their orders and provided measurements. We produce staircase sets or their parts: treads, risers,stringers, handrails,elbows,deckings. Staircase models can have simple or complex constructions, however despite their complexity, responsibly produced, with 0,05 mm accuracy, staircases will never disappoint you with mounting simplicity.

We always supplement a precisely finished staircase set with a number of copies of clear, professional drawings and explanations. Such staircase, any simpler model, can be easily assembled by any more experienced household master and it would save up costs required by a quite expensive staircase mounting.


Installation of CNC milling technology in production gives an advantage in the mass production of complex wooden articles. If there is a need to produce a large amount of souvenirs for a presentation of a company or an event, such a method is hardly replaceable and as efficient as possible. CNC milling gives many possibilities for production of various both indoor and outdoor advertisements – we are able to mill letters, texts from plastics, wood, plywood, MDP, LMDP, MDF, MDP. We execute large or small orders for souvenirs, advertisements qualitatively, quickly, with high precision and for a modest price compared to other producers employing manual techniques. Such method of milling can be used for signboards, hoardings, boards, bulk and plane ornaments, light-boxes, etc.