Our company is not big, that is why we can offer preferential treatment to every client.


We are glad to congratulate you for choosing our company for your projects. We are really different – non-standard – and we are ready to fulfil your non-standard, special, and sometimes trivial needs.

Established in 1990 and successfully working UAB „Dzūkija“ is one of the most creative producers of staircases and other carpentry products in Lithuania. We offer our clients high quality artistic, original staircase and furniture projects. Carefulness and masterly perfection are the most important traditions of ours. Even today, when we make use of the most advanced computer design innovations, fast CNC technologies in blank production, all works are finished manually by the best masters. We believe that it is the only way to show the cosiness of a natural material and create a cosy atmosphere at your home.
In work using various methods with natural timber, metal, glass, plywood, stone, plastic and other materials. The goal of ours is perfection, correctness and quality of a finished work. We are glad to cooperate with architects and designers creating for you. Our experience enables us to implement all your furniture, staircase and handrail projects, even the boldest and non-standard ones. We realize your dreams into the most beautiful and durable reality. It is no accident we are asked to create sacral church furniture, doors and produce renewable interior details. Such a responsible work and confidence of our client is a proof of our prestige and long-term warranty.


Thus hands of our masters today create an art, however this won’t make you to overpay – UAB “Dzūkija” lives and works in the current, rapidly changing time. The most advanced working technologies enable us to produce staircase parts quickly, error-free and qualitatively – we gain you time and money for your special needs. With a help of CNC equipment we are able to produce standard and non-standard blanks for furniture producers, create souvenirs for presentations at various events, offer timber, plywood, MDF, MDP, MPP and plastic CNC milling services for creators of advertisements, furniture and staircases. For home masters willing to mount staircases themselves we can offer inexpensive, original, correct and easily assemblable staircase sets.


We create handrails for outdoor balconies and terraces from stainless steel; we paint handrails, welded from a simple metal, with high quality, great colour anticorrosive paint If you wish natural cosiness, we can create and mount elbows (elbow-rests) from a moisture resistant wood: larch, teak, bulletwood, Brazilian teak or other.


It is no secret that staircases are designed together with a house. This requirement is taken into consideration by all architects, therefore in new buildings they are convenient, often have typical configuration or at least there is a place intended for them. In such case the production process of staircases is simple, and quality materials and technologies make it possible to create not ontly safe, convenient, but also ornate and luxury staircases which can be an adornment of your home.

However, issues arise when one does not follow a construction design or reconstructs an old building. In such case be careful with builders’ advices (e. g. to “throw on” several rows of bricks more etc., purportedly it won’t cost a lot, though the open space will be increased). Twenty additional centimetres for a floor is quite a lot, therefore you will need one more or even two additional treads on your staircase. It will reduce a carefully calculated area of your home and it is likely that the promised “additional space” will be hidden again by your decorators by lowering a hanging ceiling. Ensure that your builders know that such additional treads will need about sixty centimetres of space which will be hard to find between, e.g. an already designed fireplace and bedroom doors which cannot be moved, because then, e.g. a convenient closet won’t fit in within the space. Moreover, an artificially and unnecessarily lowered ceiling might hinder your climbing the staircase. It would also be necessary to cut out the ceiling and in order to prevent it from collapse – to underpin it.
The aforementioned situations are unavoidable, especially when reconstructing an old building or when something goes wrong while construction a new one. In such cases we offer you non-standard staircase projects which normally save you from a desperate situation.
If there is little space in your house,we construct flights of shaped stairs; if you find a staircase to be misplaced, we apply an “invisible staircase” design. If necessary, we use both methods.

We design, produce and mount staircases, therefore we can offer you consultations of qualified workers. We give away prepared projects both in paper and digital formats, therefore it will be possible to use them by both simple carpenters or builders and technologists cutting out metal parts of your staircase using laser cutting equipment. You, our client, will be able to see the most realistic visualisation of your project.


In today’s market there is only one way for a company creating woodwork to achieve the perfect results, i.e. an ingenious combination of good old craftsmanship traditions and innovative wood processing and production technologies. Leaders of UAB “Dzūkija“ understand this and we are able to do it: we have assembled a team of great craftsmen and use advanced computer design and timber processing technologies. While specialising in timber and metal processing areas, we do not avoid sharing orders with other appropriately advanced companies which are able to supply quality, precise and inexpensive semimanufactures from metal, glass, granite, marble, and other stones or quality plastic for staircases and sacral church furniture.

We produce various staircases, starting from the most simple ones:

  • Straight wooden (oak, ash, pine, birch, beech, …) staircases with stringers under treads.
  • Natural wood staircases with open treads between stringers.
  • “Closed” staircases from natural wood with treads clamped between stringers.
  • “Open” or “closed” staircases on a painted metal or stainless steel construction.
  • Staircase with treads sticking out from a wall” – a modern-looking console staircase.
  • “Hanging staircases” – light cramped staircases giving a sense of unique lightness for your guest.
  • Hanging “twisted” staircases with stainless steel or wooden spikes (uprights).
  • Modern design staircases with ropes (“chains”) on handrails.
  • Hanging staircases without stringers mounted on a wall.
  • L-shaped staircase from timber, standard and stainless steel, stone and glass.
  • U-shaped staircase from all materials on both brick wall and plasterboard wall.
  • Helical staircases to a loft or solid ones on a ferro-concrete deck.
  • Luxury-looking wide spiral staircases with stylish curved glass handrails.
  • We concrete bearing staircase constructions.
  • “Old” style staircases with large amounts of careful and attractive handicraft.
  • We renew antiquarian staircases, furniture or create new original-looking parts for them.


We create and renew sacral church furniture, heavy shrine oaken doors, altars or other details of their interior with an extraordinary carefulness, responsibility and respect for their age, tradition and sacred purpose. It is very important to follow and understand traditions, respect Lithuanian heritage, closely cooperate with state institutions responsible for their protection and carefully comply with prepared and agreed projects of furniture or interior-exterior details. Our company is justly proud of its respectable past allowing to create sacral furniture and church doors.


We cooperate with designers, architects, builders, projectors, artists.

We also are not shy of sharing orders with other appropriately advanced companies able to supply quality, precise and inexpensive semimanufactures from metal, glass, granite, marble, and other stones or quality plastic for staircases and sacral church furniture.